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PHPmvs BETA 4.0

What is PHPmvs?

PHPmvs is a simple (maybe not THAT fast) SQLi vulnerability scanner, port scanner and server fuzer mostly for "fast" scans (you can upload it to your own server and scan multiple sites from there) the only thing you need to make it work is a webserver with PHP and a browser.


It's almost a full rewrite of the 3.2 SQLi exploit method plus: Brand new SQLi "engine" you can now select multiple columns to fetch data from and they will show in a new browser tab (this may take a long time depending on the column size), Oracle and Postgre are a little bit bugged for now until i figure out some shitty syntax issues and how to fix them, deleted joomla vulnerabilities module because that was a fucking mistake to code and the server vulnerability module because i'm working on something new on that area just because a "SIMPLE" PHP script CAN'T handle all the needed data, arrays, heuristic and functions for webserver vulnerabilities without rendering fucking useless over it's own size/runtime. .
The BETA 4.0 includes:

-Postgre error based SQLi.
-ORACLE error based SQLi.
-Multi-parameter detection/injection
-Server fuzzer(DOS).
-Website Crawler (to find vulnerable links).
-Admin panel finder.
-Port scanner.
-Error Based SQLI.
-UNION query SQLI. (multiple 1 to 10 columns queries with some variants for more detections)
-Directory Traversal.
-Black background. (Save the goddamn planet.)
-Green font. (LOL, stereotypes.)


Contact: the.samedog[at]
Coded using Geany text editor.
Download PHPmvs_BETA_4.0.php